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About Ms. Iyer

1. What inspired you to write this book?

People's life stories, with their twists and turns, made me want to research it all and find answers. I read almost all of the current law of attraction and manifestation books. I also studied the eastern texts, which helped me bring in the self-enlightenment factor into all of this—the deep wisdom brought forward but in an easy-to-read way. The Secret and the books on Abraham's teachings are great. In fact, they are awesome, but they do not tell you how to reach alignment. They ask that you get aligned with what you want in order to get what you want, but how do you do it? These books ask that you think correctly and feel the presence of what you want in your "now" moment, but it is not always easy to think correctly and to visualize effectively. There are too many things disturbing the mind.

There are past life karmas to be dealt with, coming up because of the memory imprints lodged in the energy of the soul from these past lives; there are the universe's purposes to be considered, where the world is headed, what God (the All) wants; there are the negative and positive forces working against you and for you; and there are other people's minds affecting you. So many energy lines are being directed at you, pushing you back and pulling you forward.

There are many belief systems in existence today. The East believes in karma and in completing karma. Then there are those who believe in sin and in paying for your sins. The law of attraction teachings have come out to help people grasp what really goes on and that there is no such thing as sin. Combining karma with the law of attraction and explaining karma in terms of energy and manifestation is required. I feel that the whole world needs a better understanding of what is really going on and how to work with the universe, and the book Joyful Manifestation does that.

2. Why do you think that people should read your book?

Joyful Manifestation contains a 10 step process to help you manifest what you want. It works! It also has the "Soul Mate Manifestation" and "Money Manifestation" chapters added in. The information contained in the book is not the result of pure channeling, but is the result of having worked with thousands of people successfully. If you want money, don't you want to know that the air around you should contain money? If you want your soul mate to propose to you, don't you want to know that you have to fix your personal love karma and that you should find out how to deal with the "other woman" energy? This includes how not to get hurt and to use joy and good energy to flow towards what you want.